The “MSSAC TEAMS” page

is designated to the recognition of athletes who are part of the Regional, Provincial, and National Championship Teams representing the Mississauga Aquatic Club. 

To be a member of these teams you need to have all required qualifying standard to compete at the upcoming championships in the age group that you will be in as of the meet start date.


The Regional Team

is all athletes that are qualified to compete at the Central Region Championships.


The Provincial Team

is all athletes that are qualified for the Junior Provincial Championships.


The National Team

is divided into three different categories consisting of first the Canadian Age Group Championship (CAGC) Team, second the Eastern Championship Team, and third Senior National Team.


The lists are updated as the meet results become available.

Team Champs Selection

The Ontario Team Champs is held once a year.  Clubs are ranked in divisions one, two, or three.  Division one is the highest.  Each division will have a meet all held on the same weekend.  The lowest two teams in each division will drop down to the division below for the next year.  The top two teams from division two and three will move up one division for the next year.  In division one, teams are to select 40 members to represent their club.  The Mississauga Aquatic Club selection process is outlined below.

Selection Process

17&Over Selection
All 17&Over Swimmers will be selected by the head coach based on performance and leadership ability.  Swimmers currently swimming as part of the club as well as MSSAC swimmers at University and colleges are eligible for selection.  There will be a maximum of 8 swimmers selected from this category and a minimum of zero. 

16&Under Selection
The selection for 16&under swimmers includes the following criteria.

  1. DTS (Developmental Tracking System) to evaluate swimmer in their age group and overall.   
  2. Relays.  Relays are important as they score double points.  The swimmers will be evaluated on their ability to help field the strongest relays.
  3. We will also evaluate the swimmers individual ability to score points at the meet.
  4. Swimmer commitment level, team spirit, and attendance is also included in the evaluation for selection.

The 40 swimmers will be announced following the short course Junior Provincial Championships.  Selected swimmers will be given a deadline to confirm participation and alternates will be picked up based on the above criteria should any of the 40 selected swimmers decline their spots.