Congratulations to the 10 & under swimmers that competed at Top Cup this past weekend at Etobicoke Olympium. We had many great swims and best times from our Bronze and Youth swimmers. Coaches Andrea, Misa, Colin, Erin, Stefanie and I were impressed with how much the swimmers have improved since the beginning of the year and we are so very proud of them all. Congratulations to Ray Yang (6 golds, 4 silvers, 4 bronzes), Lindsay Hillis (1 silver, 1 bronze), Kirsten Alejandrino (2 silvers) and new MSSAC swimmer Lauren Wright (1 silver, 1 bronze).   A “shout out” also goes to the Girls 10 & under relay comprising Karissa Shieh,  Lindsay Hillis, Conger Zhang and Amy Li for taking a home a bronze medal in the 200m medley relay!  
Great job to everyone who competed at this meet:   Jason Wu, Clayton Haight, Tolga Dolunay, Simon Huria, Bohr Deng, Ray Yang, Shrey Jain, Colin Wang, Xiao Lei, Kevin Feng, Karl Aumann, Dylan Li, Ian Johnson, Kirsten Alejandrino, Rachel Chan, Andrea Wilson, Bridget Manzella, Serena Tenaschuk, Emma Brudnicki, Caitlyn Earle, Leen Sawan, Maryam Aboelhoda, Juliana Curry-Sharples, Chelsea Troung, Maria Medeiros, Daniela Bredin, Lauren Wright, Leticia Lopes, Aritra Das, Leanne Coughlan, Abigail Chan, Amy Li, Yiwen (Tina) Han, Monica Luc, Karissa Shieh, Conger Zhang, Lindsay Hillis, Taylor Lukianovitch, Chase Fitzgerald, Raquel Medeiros, Ivy Li, and Tina Truong.
We have a great 10 & under group with a lot of potential.  Keep up the great work everybody!
Daniela Gray
Youth North Coach