Swim Meet Entry Procedures

Meets fill quickly and to ensure that your swimmer can participate, it's imperative that we enter as early as possible, and ensure that there's communication as early as possible. 

  1. Your coach will hand out a “Meet Confirmation” form to swimmers and /or parents as soon as the meet package becomes available. This may be as early as eight weeks prior to the meet.
  2. Families are required to complete the Meet Confirmation form and confirm their participation by the deadline included on the form.  This deadline will be approximately three weeks prior to the event.  This date will be adjusted depending on the requirements of meet managers and may be earlier for travel meets.  If you know that you cannot attend, please let you coach know as soon as they provide the "Meet Confirmation" form.  Don't wait until the final confirmation date.
  3.  Coaches will then provide an email or printed entries to parents informing them of the events in which their swimmer(s) have been entered.
  4.  Entries will be posted to the on-line Team Manager database (that is linked via this website) the following day after the posted due date.  Families can view their entries and must address any issues with their coach within two days.

A detailed Meet Schedule is available on this website with an approximate confirmation deadline for each competition. Please refer to the Meet Schedule each month for updates.  We often don't have information in the fall for the entire season, and we add updates as the information becomes available.

If you are not sure if your swimmer is participating in a meet, please contact your coach.

Please be aware that:

For travel meets, you will be contacted by the Club via email to confirm participation.  Travel meets are handled this way due to cost. The lead time to confirm participation in travel meets is generally further in advance so that we may finalize travel arrangements.